19. junij 2013


Ansambel sodobne klasične glasbe, 
ki sebe raje imenuje band. 
V spogledovanju z popularno glasbo in z povezavo 
(verband - je po švicarsk povezava). 

Sofia Ahjoniemi, Akkordeon
Dana Barak, Klarinette
Anja Brezavšček, Flöte
Estelle Costanzo, Harfe
Julien Mégroz, Schlagzeug
Karolina Öhman, Violoncello
Lukas Rickli, Klavier
Mirka Šćepanović, Geige / Bratsche
Paul Clift, künstlerische Leitung

NeuverBand is a chamber-ensemble based in Basel, Switzerland, and dedicated primarily to the performance & diffusion of works by emerging composers from around the world. Founded in 2012 by distinguished performers from Slovenia, Finland, Serbia, Israel, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland, this truly international ensemble seeks to share its passion for the music of today. Offering concert programmes of exciting & challenging repertoire, the group is devoted to maintaining an international perspective towards performance, and to promoting a greater understanding and appreciation of the contemporary-musics of the 21st century. 

Philip Guston, Voyage, painting, 1956


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