03. oktober 2011

13.-16. October 2011  / Zagreb 

at Kino Europa, Glyptotheque HAZU and Kino Grič 

Interactive Contemporary Art Exhibition

The Red Min(e)d group is inviting you to join the first station of the Bring In Take Out – Living Archive 
dedicated to feminist art in (post)Yugoslav space in the framework of the REDacting TransYugoslav Feminisms: 
Women’s Heritage Revisited conference organized by the Center for Women’s Studies Zagreb.
The Bring In Take Out - Living Archive is a collaborative art project that works on the principals of sharing, 
information exchange, and ‘collective vs. individual knowledge’.
The Bring In Take Out - Living Archive takes and use artistic, creative and research means and their 
inter-sectional strategies to create an exhibition, laboratory and public archive for emancipating 
social and cultural memory on women artists and feminist art in (post) Yugoslav space.
The Zagreb edition of the Bring In Take Out Living Archive will feature an exhibition, 
live video/photo/audio documentation, different live working stations, interviews, discussions, 
artists’ talks and a performance as well as a concert by artists and activists:
Nika Autor (Ljubljana), Milijana Babič (Rijeka), Ana Baraga (Ljubljana), Ana Čigon (Ljubljana), 
Lana Čmajčanin (Sarajevo), Lina Dokuzović (Vienna, Zagreb), Sandra Dukić (Banja Luka), 
Flaka Haliti (Pristina, Frankfurt), Tea Hvala (Ljubljana), Damir Imamović (Sarajevo), 
Gabrijela Ivanov (Zagreb), Adela Jušić (Sarajevo), Lidija Radojević (Ljubljana), 
Svetlana Slapšak (Ljubljana, Beograd) and many others.
Join us in Zagreb and co-create the Bring In Take Out Living Archive!

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